Portamento for echobode?

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    I've been absolutely loving using midi tuning in echobode to make my bass sounds squishier, but when I have a sound with any sort of pitch bend the way that the phasing of the frequency shifter speeds up and slows down audibly can sound awkward. Would it be possible to give it portamento so that the frequency shifter could (almost) perfectly follow the pitch of a monophonic synth I play into it without intense automation every time a note changes? Either way, thank you so much for your work on echobode, it's by far the very best frequency shifter I've had the pleasure of using.

  • Magnus Lidström

    This is a neat idea. One thing that might be a problem though is that portamentos work in different ways on different synths so I am not sure how easy it would be to get perfect pitch tracking that way. But at the very least it would be good if you could configure a pitch-bend range in Echobode and use that.


    Because portamentos work in different ways for different synths I was thinking a portamento time + a simple concave/convex curve parameter for legato pitch movement would probably be able to work for me, I imagine the worst that could happen is some slight phasing during the glide but I could be wrong. (edit: also the pitch bend would be great and I would be absolutely thrilled for it, I just imagine one voice portamento would be the most easily musical, at least for me)

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