Synplant MPE MPE MPE OMG :)

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  • manysounds

    Subject says it loud and clear.
    Synplant is an amazing synthesizer.
    MPE would take it to the next level.
    (I may have gotten a Seaboard recently)
    Love your stuff!

  • c0nsilience

    As a fellow Seaboard enthusiast, I couldn't agree more! Synplant is already outstanding, but MPE would certainly take it to a level beyond where it is now. Can you imagine?? ; )

  • c0nsilience

    Well, now I'm fortunately adding one of these to the arsenal. :)


    MPE in Synplant would take it to a whole new level. Unfortunately, I don't think there are enough adopters at this point to make it worth the development time Sonic Charge would have to put into it. Here's to the future!

  • medienhexer


    Seaboard Block makes MPE very accessible. Not sure how to pair it with the genetic sound generation in Synplant, though. MPE, from my very limited experience so far, is great when the right parameters are affected at the right amount. Otherwise, Aftertouch messes with velocity and slide. So what I‘m saying is: you might need to select and adjust the MPE parameters on a per-preset basis.

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