Microtonic Feature Requests

Bradley Peddinani400 views6 posts
  • Bradley Peddinani

    Hi, I absolutely love Microtonic and it is my favorite software drum machine and possibly my favorite drum machine, period. I don’t know if the following has been requested, but I have a few feature requests on my wishlist.

    1. It would be great if there was individual step lengths for every sound. This would be absolutely amazing! I like Elektron sequencers for that as you can create great variety and interesting polymetric patterns.
    2. Being able set velocity per step for each sound would also be great!
    3. Add maybe two more channels to make it 10 rather than 8?
    4. Make a hardware version of the Microtonic! I know the PO-32 exists, but I mean a full size, proper beast of a machine! Maybe a partnership with Elektron!? It’s probably too difficult given all the sounds the Microtonic can generate.

    Haha, wishful thinking, I know! You’re drum machine is already amazing, just some suggestions. Keep up the great job!!!!! 😁

  • David O'Sullivan

    Paternarium as part of the editable interface
    Pitch per step/note to make easy melodies

  • Dave

    yes pitch per step pleeease

    different lengths per part in the sequencer would be nice

  • Connor Seunninga

    When I set the velocity in the piano roll (FLS Image-Line) it does nothing. I'd like this to work. It feels weird calling it a feature... It's a function that apparently isn't included... Or am I missing something?

  • Chris Lentro


    You can adjust how sensitive the velocity reacts via the controls.
  • Jim Beasley

    Is there a way with microtonic to rate or mark a preset as a favorite on a 1-10 for future reference? (Yes, I know I could copy the preset files to a "favorites" folder - but that would mean each time I find a preset I like I need to exit my DAW, find the preset in the folder, and copy it - and rename the preset with a value from 01-10 in front, which may not seem like a lot... or I could create folders from 01-10 and save as to the folder with the right value - but then browsing would not be inclusive of each rating.

    (5 ratings is never enough BTW - I like to take my favorites and come back and sort them relative to one another, like one might be a 6, one might be a 10, and so on. If I'm given only 5 starts, (e.g. Omnisphere) I usually end up marking a huge amount of them as 4 or 5 stars, and debate with myself if I should give them a 3, 4, or 5, which in the end is not as helpful as it should be - If I see which ones are 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 that's a lot more gradation to recall for later. )

    But it's so convenient to just mark them, and click the next preset to preview, and so on. Probably takes 1/10th of the time if not less.

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