Microtonic VST3 and Renoise

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  • Papa Düm Tek

    Just wanted to report that I have installed the latest versions of both Renoise and Microtonic and the VST Multi is not routing out to the seperate 8 bus channels. It works fine in the 64 version in multi mode. As well as both Vst2 and VST3 stereo channels.
    I mostly still use Vst2 instances anyway as they seem a bit more stable on some plug ins, but still would be nice to have fixed if possible.

    Is this where i report this?

    Nonetheless, I have been a proud owner and user of Microtonic now since the year it came out.
    Microtonic and Waldorf Attack are both older, as am I, but still VERY capable drum synths all these years later.

    Thanks Magnus!!
    Papa Dum Tek

  • Francis Yoan Rodrig

    Hello, I came here to report the same issue =(

  • Papa Düm Tek

    I shot them an email as well. Yet to get a reply. Just using the 64 vst2 in the meantime. No biggie really. But it needs to get sorted nonetheless.
    You a Renoise user?

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