Program change, a little Synplant surprise

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  • stelvio

    Hey all,
    I discovered something interesting and want to share.
    I've never bothered with Program Change and Synplant because it has a limit of #15 slots, but today I encountered something useful.

    I use a m4l device called "Dial to Program Change" (there are other ways to switch Program Changes ofc), it's a simple one knob device that allows to cycle through Program Changes (ie presets).

    It seems like Synplant has some sort of allocation memory. Let me explain:
    Say you pick a preset while on Program Change #2, then you go to Program Change #3 and pick another preset, both presets will be allocated and remembered as you left it. So basically you can build a kind of playlist with your favorite presets, on the fly!! You can even tweak a preset (without saving it) switch to another Program Change number and when you go back the preset will be as you left it.
    Only downside is the 15 slots limit.
    I hope it makes sense. I think this is quite powerful.
    I had no idea this was possible... Thanks Magnus for this pleasant surprise :)

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