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  • Robert Morgenstond

    Hi community,

    I installed synplant on my new laptop, but I cannot use the presets. I can only use the tutotial preset. It says invalid data format whenever I pick another sound than "tutorial".

    Can someone please help? It worked fine on my old laptop.

    Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 17.48.16.png
  • A. F.

    Same issue, did you manage to find a fix ?

    I'm on synplant 1.2.6, i'm going to try and install an older version to check out if that works.

  • AAV

    Not sure but - I wonder if you have previously installed the trial of Synplant 2, and if so, if you still have Syn2 presets on your system that you are trying to load in Synplant 1?. If you've installed S2 previously, I would do a complete removal of all presets (you can get the paths from Synplant by clicking on the "go to Factory presets", and "go to User presets" buttons (sorry if I don't have the correct wording used.)....then reinstall 1.2.6 from the 2022.11.25 installer in "old archived versions" on the download page.

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