Feature Request - Echobode MIX parameter lock

Chris Lentro52 views3 posts
  • Chris Lentro

    Echobode is really great. I often use it as a send effect. Changing the presets and constantly adjusting the wet control to 100% is very annoying. 😥 parameter lock would be nice 😁

  • AAV

    Not sure I understand exactly what you're looking for. If I take an existing preset in Echobode and set the mix dial to 100% and save it as "filename (Send)." I can pull that preset up in my User folder anytime I want to, with the mix dial set at 100%. I only use Echobode as an Insert, so this isn't a need for me, but doesn't it work that way for you? In other words, are you just looking for every preset to have a "SEND" version? Or a switch on Echobode itself that sets the mix dial to 100% when you want to use it as a send effect? Just curious because for most effects I own, they work like Echobode does. (A lot of Reverbs tend to have both Insert and Send Presets based on how they were designed/set up. I almost always use Reverbs on an FX channel from Track or Bus sends)

  • AAV

    And I agree with you, that Echobode is really great.

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