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  • stelvio

    The copy/graft feature is amazing! Possibilities are 🤯
    My first idea was, cool we can now morph between 2 presets. So I copy/graft an initial patch onto the 12 branches of another patch, but of course every single branch now has the same note regardless of the MIDI key you press (which is also kinda cool in a way, going from chord to unison).

    Is there a way to graft without the key, if that makes sense? That would avoid having to copy every single branch from the original patch.

    Thanks for this update :)

  • Magnus Lidström

    Yeah, graft onto one branch only and then choose "Clone Selected Branch".

    Another option is to use the "Layered Mode" with just one branch enabled. That branch will play all over the keyboard.

  • stelvio

    Ok I get it, I need to 'retract' branches after the Cloning and then the Modwheel will morph between the 2 patches. This is siiiiiick thank you Magnus! Was using Gradient (M4L) to achieve something similar (highly recommend).

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