Pitch rising delay in Obliter8 demo...

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  • richard carrigan

    How would I go about making the sound at around 1.32 here:

    obliter8dissection by malstrom

    It's kind of similar to the continuos rising of echobode, but with a nice lofi graininess to it.

    Bought Permut8 yesterday, have no idea how to use it for specific effects yet, I've just scanned presets trying to understand what is happening, and quite franky it's bonkers!

    Is there a firmware recommended for pitch-twisting delay lines? Or can anyone suggest the steps one would take to re-create a similar sort of sound?

    Cheers in advance :)

  • Magnus Lidström

    I can't remember if that exact program is in any of the factory banks but I called up the Obliter8 project and copied it. Here it is:

    Permut8ProgramV1: {
    	Name: "reverse delay 1"
    	Modified: true
    	InputLevel: -17.54459953 dB
    	Limiter: Off 
    	FilterFreq: HP 1278.87646484 Hz
    	FilterPlacement: Input 
    	FeedbackAmount: 88.00000000 %
    	FeedbackFlip: On 
    	FeedbackInvert: Off 
    	OutputLevel: 22.04934692 dB
    	Mix: 33.50000381 %
    	ClockFreq: 1/4 
    	SyncMode: Standard 
    	Reverse: Off 
    	Operator1: MUL 
    	Operand1.High: 0x81 
    	Operand1.Low: 0x07 
    	Operator2: SUB 
    	Operand2.High: 0xE0 
    	Operand2.Low: 0xFF 

    (You can copy the text from above and paste it directly into Permut8.)

    The trick is using the MUL instruction to speed up the playback. Each feedback will be pitched up slightly from the previous.

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